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Small secrets of Paris

— Bonsoir!
— Pardon? Qu`avez-vous dit?
— Bonsoir!
— Je ne comprends...

Originally a fishing village of the Parisii tribe on the largest island on the Siene, Lutetia, which fought against Caesar (52 BC), was atacked by Labienus who travelled down the Siene to the site of Saint-Germain, on the right bank. Camulogene the Gaul was camped on the left bank on the site Saint-Germain-des-Pres. A stratagem gave victory to the Romans. So Romans named this city Lutetia.

There are no Romans buildings in modern Paris, but one place I know. It`s the arenas of Lutetia for theatrical performances and circus games for 15000 spectators. It like Rome...

So, about Paris.
As you know Paris it`s incredible romantic city. More famous people like V. Hugo, Ernest Hemmingway, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, Elza Fitzherald, Thulus Latrec, Valeriy Gergiev etc. were inspired this city. Paris — it`s combination of modern boulevards, streets & ancient times. All knows the symbols of Paris like Eiffel Tower, Notre Damme, D`Orce museum, Louvre, Pompidu Centre, Monmartr... French language consist so many noticeable phrases like «merci boku», «orevuar», «bon jour», «je ne manje pasi jur».

And also sexy voices in metro like «Tuiliri», «Schampaleze Clemonso», «Concord»...

Now, I would like to tell you about small secrets of Paris.
1. Learn several phrases in French language. It helps you when you go to the restaurant, cause there are only few people knows English very well. Also check the check! There are may be dishes, which you didn`t order! For example vine...

2. Go in a small yards & go for a walk at chaotic streets. You can find there spacious buildings or cramped but very...



& very comfortable.

3. One small secret, how to go in Museum D`Orce for free: right throw the souvenir`s shop, after that you should go to the WC at second floor & voilà. You are in museum!

4. Eiffel tower like a:

5. Zoe — it`s ancient French name :-)

6. Don`t throw out metro tickets, because it can be used for the exit!

7. Paris has a small Statue of Liberty.

8. There are so many galleries, therefore you cannot go to museums, only if you want.

9. Find the wall of love. Could you find out where is Russian words? Where is English words?

10. Notre Damme has a blue roof when darkness comes...

11. Go to the Dali`s museum. He created ideas. He told that instead he specialized in «transformations». He emphrased over that iy was the IDEA — the surrealist idea — of seeing something new, especially in extraneous objects, which made his work in three-dimensional forms unique.

I remember really beautiful film «Midnight in Paris». Dali introduced yourself and his friends: «Dali — Bonuel — Dali. Remember us!» It`s incredible!

12. Paris boats are wonderful.

13. Labirintum near Paris. How many animals do you see?

And also 1:

By the way what kind of secrets of other cities do you know?
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